Hi, I'm Adrian

Full Stack Developer,DevOps Engineer,Blockchain Developer

Javascript (Node.js)
Ethereum (Solidity)
Python (+Django)
Databases (SQL / NoSQL)
Microservices (Docker)

Seasoned software developer working remotely, with over ten years of experience in startups and small teams.

I consider myself to be a hard-working generalist who operates autonomously.

Domains of interest:

  • Renewable energy
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech
  • Internet of things

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My experience is strongly based (not limited to) on full stack web development.


Full stack web applications, dashboards, tools, APIs, bots, and automation scripts.


Cloud computing, microservices, virtualisation, and containerisation.


Ethereum (Solidity), smart contracts, Web3 stack, infrastructure, and DeFi.








This is a list with most notable personal projects.

For projects that I worked on as a consultant,
you can check out my resume or contact me.

Haunted Tower

Software Development
Jan. 2022

HTML5 game written in Typescript + Phaser 3 of the Tower Defense genre. It is packaged for iOS and Android using CapacitorJS.

Money Streams

Software Development
Feb. 2020

React + Highcharts dashboard that keeps track of income vs expenses and shows diagrams and charts to help you get a grasp on your financial situation.

Javascript Blockchain

Software Development
Jan. 2020

Implementation of a Blockchain in Javascript, for learning purposes. It tries to simplify the complex technology stack and concepts of a Blockchain.

Electronic Mint

Product Development
Jan. 2020

React + Web3 dashboard to safely deploy your ERC20 smart contracts to private, testnet or mainnet using browser compatible wallets.

Telegram Tip Bot

Product Development
Sep. 2019

Telegram bot (Node.js + MySQL + Serverless) for making tips, staking, and buying WebDollar (WEBD) cryptocurrency. It has 2,000 users and has processed over $150,000 in tips.

WebDollar Tools

Software Development
Feb. 2019

Open source software developed for the WebDollar ecosystem. It also includes Docker images.

ICO Smart Contracts

Software Development
Aug. 2018

Heavily tested crowdsale smart contracts written on Ethereum using Ganache and Solidity.

WebDollar Mining Pool

Product Development
Jun. 2018

WMP is an infrastructure project that runs the official WebDollar mining pool software with over 50 miners. It also includes custom software that collects and displays stats for miners.


Product Development
May 2018

Platform (written in AngularJS, Node.js, Docker, and Rancher) to deploy & manage miners for CPU mineable cryptocurrencies. It has 8,000 registered users and has deployed over 300,000 miners.


Product Development
Feb. 2016

Web application built with Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, Twitter Bootstrap 2, and Backbone.js.


Software Development
Apr. 2014

Web application build on Django (MySQL + RabbitMQ) which connects to themoviedb.org API to get movies data.

Titanium Image Gallery

Software Development
May 2011

Titanium Image Gallery for iPhone and iPad is a Javascript module for native mobile applications built on the Titanium platform.


Software Development
Aug. 2007

SWar is a MMOTBS game playable in the browser built with Javascript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.